How Essential Oils Help

When essential oils are applied to the body they penetrate the skin via hair follicles and sweat glands and are absorbed into the body fluids, where they not only help to kill bacteria and viruses but also stimulate the body’s immune system, thereby strengthening resistance to further attack. They help maintain a normal and healthy immune system.

Some essential oils increase the circulation and help with the efficient elimination of toxins, others promote new cell growth and encourage the body’s natural ability to heal itself. Each essential oil has its own character and aroma, exhibiting a varying number of properties and benefits which are unique to itself, since no two essential oils are quite the same.

The minute molecules of essential oils are readily absorbed into the bloodstream when they are inhaled as the lungs work to oxygenate the blood.  This form of absorption is most efficient when inhaling essential oils from a tissue, inhaler, diffusing them in a vaporizer, or adding them to your bath water. The aroma sends a signal directly to the Limbic System in the brain which is the center of emotions, memory and sexual arousal. This is why essential oils have such a powerful effect on our moods and general state of mind.

The therapeutic action of essential oils when brought together with the revitalizing effects of massage stimulate all the organs in the body, plus the skin, muscles, nerves and glands. The increased circulation of the blood and lymph flow also assists with the cleaning away of body toxins.

Essential oils influence our emotions, aromatherapy can help lift depression, soothe irritable nerves and generally encourage a better state of mind.